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Gasto Energía cuando el equipo esta en Stand By

15 mayo 2013

Hola a tod@s

El gasto energético diario de los equipos/aparatos en modo Stand By – apagados pero no del todo – supone el 20% del importe de la factura anual.


Adjuntamos un informe en Ingles de los datos más significativos.


Home Electronics Waste Energy Even after They’re Turned Off

Stand-by power waste is always happening around us. Energy waste thru electronics stand-by power not only increases home electricity bill, but also increases your carbon footprint. The energy used by your home’s stand-by power waste is often generated by coal burning plants that pollute the air, or nuclear power plants that generate radioactive waste.


Stand-by Power Problem Exists Around the Globe

In U.S.
stand-by power accounts for an average of 20%residential energy use
In Germany
stand-by power accounts for an average of 22%residential energy use
stand-by power accounts for an average of 8%residential energy use
In France
stand-by power accounts for an average of 7%residential energy use
In Austratai
stand-by power accounts for an average of 12%residential energy use



of the energy consumed by microwave ovens in their lifetime is used by its clock and standby power.


Help Our Planet by Stopping Stand-by Power Waste & Decrease Carbon Footprint

Global warming is jeopardizing our environment. With limited resources, energy conservation has become the most important issue today.

Start from home, the least we can do to help our planet is to stop stand-by power waste by unplugging electronic appliances when not in use.